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        Introduction: Tianjin Kanger Medical Treatment Apparatus Co., Ltd. has entered into the high-end field of medical devices in 2004. Over the last 10 years, through introducing talents and advanced technologies, Kanger has developed into a professional medical equipment production enterprise including R & D, production and sales. Kanger has a number of invention patents and utility model patents, the range of products covering skull mesh plates & screws, Maxillofacial Bone Plates/Bone Screws System ,traumatic bone plates, intramedullary nails, external fixators, spinal implants and other orthopedic medical fields. In the aspect......


        Neurosurgery Repair
        Maxillofacial Repair
        Bone Plate
        Intramedullary Nail
        Cannulated Screw
        Spine System
        Surgical Instrument


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